Whether it is reflected in our clothing, accessories or hair, style should always express personality. Here is a mini style directory for the newest bold hair color trends this season. Gone are the days when a haircut was enough to bring about a change in your look. A bright, sassy hair color is the key to a dramatic sexy makeover.


The color red easily makes a statement on its own. If used without thought or planning it can portray an aggressive look. So, to reduce the extreme spark of this bright color the chromatics can be tamed with light copper hues so that the look stays bold yet still sophisticated.


The year 2013 will be marked by the presence of colors which are not very regular for hair. They could turn out to be something out of the box. However, it becomes necessary to maintain a look that is different but not a freaky and gaudy one. You want Ooh! Not OOPS!! The colors could be an amalgamation of the rainbow or canvas art palette look. Colors could include icy white, eagle greys, electric green and shocking purple.


Brown is a color which can be a conservative or an austere shade. It could be connoted as a sheen and bold tone which depends on how it is utilized. The brown could be a monotonous color for you but that is the beauty of this color as you can splish and splash or mix and match this color with some daring streaks. For instance the subtle mahogany brown can be coupled with golden streaks or bangs that are golden.One could even have alternate locks of these two shades intertwined. The other stylish shades of brown could be the dark chocolate brown and the blackish-brown tinge.


The hybrid streaks of blue, blonde, and red on the tips of brown hair develop a feather-like appearance. This works with longer hair as well. You can have colorful hair tips. You can also try some salon tricks and add in much larger streaks of colour, depending on the look you want. This look would work well if this hair tone is to be sported for casual day out. This look would be apt for a walk down the Mall or other informal events.


Sporting on funky bold colours is not easy to carry off. They also depend on complexion. The sallow skinned or dark skinned should not go for bright funky colors .They can try subtle colored highlights or browns and icy shades. Fair skinned people have options of using colours like reds, blues, yellows and purples. These colors could also be for a broad streak of hair falling on the forehead and rest of the hair can be kept natural colored. Pops of colored hair like tinges or hues of blues, purples, and greens piping out from under a short, spiky cut, frame the face beautifully.
Hair Colours might change the way you look and so it is very important that each and every aspect of utilising a hair colour is taken into consideration. It could be right from choosing the hair colour to mixing it in the right proportion. Bold Hair colours are the trends that 2013 will witness and will create the style aura.

Winter Hair Tips….

Kenra Styling Products

Kenra Thermal Styling Spray

Hair can be prone to dryness, frizz and tangling during the cold winter months.  This combined with all of the everyday heat styling most women do, can cause havoc on our tresses.  Today’s styling devices can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so the long term consequences can be extremely damaging. This means that proper heat protection products are a must!

There are many ways that heat can damage hair. It can strip the strands of natural oils which can cause flyaways and frizz. It can also lead to split ends and broken hair. Rest assured that you can use your favorite styling tools to create beautiful looks, provided you use the right products and know the basic rules of heat styling.

  • Hair must be dry before using heat to reshape it. When heat is applied to wet hair, it can become permanently damaged.
  • Before every styling you must apply the proper products to avoid heat damage.
  • Once the product is applied you should comb through hair to further distribute.
  • A weekly hair restoration mask is a great way to undo past damage.

May we recommend the following products?

  • Kenra thermal styling spray
  • S-Factor flat iron shine spray
  • It’s a 10 miracle hair mask
  • Deva Curl heaven in hair deep conditioning mask

This deep treatment moisture remedy with botanicals from the rain forests in Brazil quenches thirsty curls with maximum hydration.

Holiday tips from Sherry

“There are many  great trends for your holiday parties from polished ponytails to soft sultry waves. Even a sleek waterfall braid is back in style. “

  • “To keep hair in place all evening while you dance the night away, I recommend Kenra volume spray #25.”
  • “For outstanding volume without heaviness, Kenra mousse will help create the lift you need.”
  • “To avoid frizz and blow out hair in less time during the holiday rush, try Kenra blow dry spray.
  • “To flatten frizz, dampen your hands with water and take a little Colorproof-heatproof anti frizz blow dry crème. Pull hair back into a French twist, wait 10 minutes and voila! Frizz free!”


Dry Shampoo feedback

Dry shampoo can be used for multiple purposes and finished looks.  This multi-purpose product can either be applied to the root to absorb oil or applied throughout the hair to add texture which is desired to acquire a matte finish.  Amanda has two favorite brands of dry shampoo, each with different results and purposes.  Both TIGI products include rockaholic dirty secret and catwalk session series dry shampoo.  TIGI’s session series dry shampoo is consisted of 25% less powder, making the hair more light weight and is more beneficial for creating updo’s.  This product is also less visible with a lighter mist compared to rockaholic dirty secret.  When applying these dry shampoo’s, Amanda lifts each horizontal ½ inch section and sprays at least 4 inches away from the scalp while shimmying hand on root in order to distribute the product evenly.  For a textured look, spray throughout the hair and style as desired in order to rejuvenate an existing hair style.

Holiday Hair Trends with Jessica Lynn

With the holidays quickly approaching, we find our calendars more hectic then ever.  Seasonal parties and gatherings with close friends, co-workers and those who seem to only surface this time of the year.  That is why hair professional, Jessica Lynn feels it is imperative to rock your biggest accessory to ensure that you look amazing.  She believes soft, loose, flirty locks will have heads turning and party goers buzzing.  Jessica states that it is a fashion faux pas to look as though you are fresh from the stylist’s chair.  Overly teased hair and the perfectly manicured look is not on this year’s holiday wish list.  Go for a style that is more relaxed and romantic.  Holiday hues such as chocolate browns, rich reds, golden blonds and deepened ombre’s are a few of Jessica’s festive favorites.  Beautiful integrity, luster and movement will  be the guaranteed mane attraction as you are out decking the halls.

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