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Winter Hair Tips….

Kenra Styling Products

Kenra Thermal Styling Spray

Hair can be prone to dryness, frizz and tangling during the cold winter months.  This combined with all of the everyday heat styling most women do, can cause havoc on our tresses.  Today’s styling devices can reach temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit, so the long term consequences can be extremely damaging. This means that proper heat protection products are a must!

There are many ways that heat can damage hair. It can strip the strands of natural oils which can cause flyaways and frizz. It can also lead to split ends and broken hair. Rest assured that you can use your favorite styling tools to create beautiful looks, provided you use the right products and know the basic rules of heat styling.

  • Hair must be dry before using heat to reshape it. When heat is applied to wet hair, it can become permanently damaged.
  • Before every styling you must apply the proper products to avoid heat damage.
  • Once the product is applied you should comb through hair to further distribute.
  • A weekly hair restoration mask is a great way to undo past damage.

May we recommend the following products?

  • Kenra thermal styling spray
  • S-Factor flat iron shine spray
  • It’s a 10 miracle hair mask
  • Deva Curl heaven in hair deep conditioning mask

This deep treatment moisture remedy with botanicals from the rain forests in Brazil quenches thirsty curls with maximum hydration.


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